Vladimir Pecheu

Postdoctoral Researcher at Institut des Politiques Publiques, Paris School of Economics

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Working Papers

•  Profit Sharing as a Bargaining Weapon Against Unions

     [​Abstract​]     [Paper]

• Trends and Inequality in Lifetime Earnings in France (under review at AEJ: Applied)

with Bertrand Garbinti, Cecilia Garcia-Peñlosa, and Frédérique Savignac

     [Abstract]     [Paper]

• Under-Reporting of Firm Size Around Size-Dependent Regulation Thresholds: Evidence from France

with Philippe Askenazy and Thomas Breda

     [Abstract]     [Paper]

•  Labor Facing Capital in the Workplace: The Role of Worker Representatives

with Jérôme Bourdieu and Thomas Breda

     [Abstract​]     [Draft on request]

Work in Progress

  Earnings Mobility in France in Comparison with the United-States

  Price Increasing Competition

    with Maurizio Mazzocco

  Disability and Optimal Retirement Age

  The Tax Elasticity of Profit Sharing in France

Policy Reports

Les entreprises sous-déclarent-elles leur effectif à 49 salariés pour contourner la loi ?

    with Philippe Askenazy and Thomas Breda, Policy Brief, Institut des Politiques Publiques, 2022

   [Policy Brief]

•  Étudier les représentants du personnel pour mieux comprendre les relations de travail et les conditions du partage

    de la valeur ajoutée

    with Jérôme Bourdieu and Thomas Breda, Report for the French Ministry of Labor (DARES), 2021

   [Report] [Interview for La semaine sociale Lamy] [Article by the French Inequality Watchdog]